Gritty Christmas Ornament
Gritty Christmas Ornament

Gritty Christmas Ornament

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Welcome to DK Art Designs!

Introducing the Gritty Christmas Ornament! This original design was a hand sketch/digital painting of Gritty.

*This is fan art and I am the artist of the original piece*

**Artwork is my own**


Print Sides: Double Sided.

Shape Options: 
-Snowflake (2.75 inch in diameter)
-Round (3 inch in diameter)

Materials: White Ceramic

-Gold String
-Red Ribbon (Australia orders only)

Care of: Wipe clean with non-abrasive cleaning pad and mild soap or surface cleaner as needed.

Packaging: Packaged in padded envelope up to 5 pieces.

Production time: 4 days

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